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OmniGrowl is $12 shareware
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For Mac OS X only
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version history


Resigned for Gatekeeper v2/Yosemite (again). Sorry for the issues with the first signing!


Resigned for Gatekeeper v2/Yosemite


Added option (not) to include extended forecast in weather notifications.
Adjustments to iTunes Radio Notifications.


Erroneous trial expiry at launch really, truly fixed this time.


Mavericks compatibility certified.
Fixed issue whereby trial expired notice erroneously came up at launch on many systems.
iTunes Radio notifications now displayed.
Removed extraneous system logging on quit related to removing cached Yahoo Upcoming images.


Removed support for Yahoo Upcoming because Yahoo shut down the service in May 2013.
(We are looking for a satisfactory local event data source to replace it.)
Fixed authenticated RSS URLS (https://) not in the form of https://user:pass@domain
Fixed AMG Biography notification
Fixed OED Word of the Day


Now supports Notification Center via Growl 2.0!*
Includes Growl 2.0 framework
Major under-the-hood changes to support Growl 2.0
Work-around for improperly formatted BBC RSS feed links
Updated or removed outdated RSS Feed presets and added others
Netflix preset removed due to Netflix discontinuing shipping feed on Sept 15, 2012 (please complain to Netflix)
Fixed image display for Google News feed notification.
Fixed Woot (again)
Fixed MacZot (again)
Fetches twitter image if user home page is entered with "#!" in the URL.
* Please note: there are some known issues remaining.
* Now requires OS X 10.6 or higher and an intel Mac (requirements for Growl 2.0 support)


Dynamically changes buttons, menus, tool tips, etc., according to the system version.
Refers to iCal or Calendar and Address Book or Contacts and to-dos or reminders as appropriate.
Fixed a bug related to counting Contacts/Address Book timeouts.
Fixed bug that prevented further 4info notifications entirely after encountering a bad search term.
Improved logging related to 4info searches.
Fixed notification display of (and plugin access to) event locations.
Changed "OmniGrow iCal" plugin to "OmniGrowl Events" plugin.
This will (most likely) be the last release to support OS X below 10.6 and PPC.


Signed with Developer ID for Mountain Lion Gatekeeper support.
Growl 1.3+ no longer required to be located in /Applications.
Updated to Growl Framework to 1.2.3 for legacy Growl support.
Fixed Woot.
Woot now displays product image by default (can be turned off).
Fixed Pollstar.
Fixed Discogs artwork searching.
Fixed OED Word of the Day in cases of only one definition.
Fixed rare undefined variable error.
Fixed timestr undefined error shown in debug logs only.
Provisional Mountain Lion support requires ML Dev Preview 3 or higher.
This will be the last release to support OS X below 10.6 and PPC.
More updates coming soon for full Mountain Lion support.


Initial support for Growl 1.3 (Mac App Store version), pending SDK release.
Interface changes related to menu bar version of Growl.
Fixes for OED notification.
Removed "Faux Tiger" debugging control, as it was obsolete.


Still more Lion compatibility improvements.
Restored 64 bit mode.
Changed "update" menu item to provide download as well as payment option.


More Lion compatibility improvements.
Fixed iTunes notifications on Lion and iTunes 10.4+
Fixed GeekTool integration with Mac App Store version of GeekTool.
Added clarification about song titles on iTunes custom notification panel.
Fixed flight status notification interval slider text.
Tweaked some interface and documentation wording to reflect Lion changes.


Lion compatibility improvements.
Reduced Address Book timeout errors related to custom dates.
Added hidden preference to set how many (if any) timeouts to allow before automatically quitting.
Fixed: power status notifications were shown even when power check option was off.

Note: the initial release of this version was inadvertently Intel only. A universal binary version was released at 7 pm EDT on Aug 15, 2011.


Fixed add found artwork to iTunes album, which was broken since iTunes 10.2.
Each track is now checked for iTunes artwork (rather than only once per album) under specific conditions.
Said conditions: iTunes full notifications are on, there is no local file system artwork, and the album is a) tagged as a compilation or b) there is an album artist and it differs from the artist (artist is not a substring of the album artist), or c) the genre ends in "!" (in order to force this check)
This check each track feature can be disabled with a hidden preference (See Advanced Info).
Improvements to OED Word of the Day parsing.
Eliminated extraneous console debug logging related to AMG.
Updated Growl Framework to 1.2.2
Growl can now be installed or updated directly from OmniGrowl. (using "Growl with Installer Framework")


Fixed Birthdays within 3 days notifications for iCal and Address Book.
Fixed rare -4960 error involving weather (hopefully).
Tightened error trapping for weather, traffic, and ambient news.
Added Show Last Notification option to Actions menu (and Immediate Actions scripts for those using background mode).


Daily notifications for pending to-dos up to 60 days prior.
Add recently shown concerts or Upcoming events to iCal.
Fixed Pollstar concert notifications.
Added support for concert notifications from bandsintown.
Bandsintown supports a radius around your location.
Revamped and expanded holiday notifications.
More holiday greetings including those for some specific countries.
Also now includes holidays that fall on nth weekday of a month (Mother's Day, etc.)
Special advance reminders for Mother's Day and Father's Day (US only).
Holiday greetings can be turned off from within OmniGrowl.
Type of holiday greetings can be set according to "persuasion" for for U.S.
Holidays no longer shown again if OmniGrowl launched more than once on a holiday.
Added a few more major countries to the country popup menu.
Added holiday test function to Test tab.
Cleaned up Test tab.
Improved OED Word of the Day reliability and formatting.
Updated OED icons.
Improved GeekTool integration performance for image updages.


Switched Traffic Reports from (defunct) Yahoo Traffic to reliable MapQuest.
Traffic can now set a radius (5-100 miles) around U.S. zip codes.
Provided option to display date and time ranges of traffic incidents or not.
Fixed afternoon traffic notifications.
Fixed daily MacZot, OED, and Woot, which would only appear one time per launch before.
Added several more major non-US holidays (specific to country setting).
Further reworked custom iTunes notifications:
Now includes time (duration) and release date keys.
Now possible to exclude disc number lines when both disc number and total discs are 1.


Added support for authenticated RSS feeds in the form of https://u:p@url
This works well, for example, with BaseCamp Projects in the form of https://token:token@projecturl_rss
Fixed OED Word of the Day.
Fixed Flight Status formatting.
Changes to iTunes custom notification display:
Show disc numbers and disc counts that = 0 as 1.
Ability to remove entire line when disc number = 0.
Added Grouping display.
When selecting local iTunes artwork from several files, better at getting the cover by the file name.
Added hidden preference to set a minimum dimension for local artwork image files (defaults to 200), before checking iTunes and/or the internet.


OmniGrowl now supports the new MobileMe Calendars (and other* CalDav calendars)!
OmniGrowl now properly recognizes when MobileMe / CalDav calendars are enabled (checked) or disabled in iCal.
New feature by popular demand: same-day notifications for all-day events, iCal birthdays, and Address Book birthdays and custom events, and Yahoo Upcoming events.
(Previously all-day event notifications were only given one week, three days, and one day before the event.)
Same-day event notifications ("Event today...") are on by default but can be turned off on the Personal Tab under the clock.
iCal birthdays are consistently treated as birthdays and not also as regular all-day events.
Improved GeekTool integration handling when iTunes is paused remotely (ie, iPhone) while Mac screen saver is active.
Created special notification type for "Holiday" notifications which can be turned off in Growl, by request.
Checks for Growl installation at launch.
Improved error trapping when caching calendar events.
Improved performance in some areas.

*For non-MobileMe CalDav subscriptions (such as those from Google) to work with OmniGrowl, please subscribe to individual calendars rather than adding them as delegates.


Fixed AMG biographies.
Added some calendar logging.


By popular demand: customizable iTunes full notifications descriptions.
Default full notifications can now use either artist or album artist (when available).
Improved notification display for radio streams (full and basic).
iTunes icons updated for iTunes 10.
GeekTool track info and picture are cleared if iTunes is paused while Screen Saver active if "check always even while away" is the selected away mode. (Of use when pausing iTunes with the iOS Remote app or remotely.)
Eliminated 4info messages that say "didn't return results".
Other minor 4info clean-up.


4info site changes caused 4info notifications to update too frequently. Fixed.
Eliminated unintended console logging for MacZot.
Updating from some OmniGrowl 3.x versions resulted in a variable error. Fixed.


Added different kind of internet connection dropped/resumed notification when both check internet connection and check network status changes notifications are on.
Previously, when check network status changes was on, notifications would only be shown when a valid IP was lost or regained.
Now internet checks more aggressively check for an active internet connection.
Fixed a MacZot formatting issue.
Improved unicode support.


Compiled with 64-bit support.
64-bit capable Macs now require OS X 10.5 or higher (Tiger still supported on earlier systems)
bug fix: Yahoo Upcoming API key could not be verified on 10.5 Intel systems and possibly other configurations.
Removed redundant GeekTool refresh which generated excess system logging. This requires GeekTool 3.0 final (if using GeekTool 3 integration).


OmniGrowl 4.0 is a MASSIVE update that took many hundreds of hours of work to complete.
With this major update, OmniGrowl now costs $12.
This is a $6 PAID UPGRADE if you purchased OmniGrowl before January 1, 2010.
(Free for those who paid after that.)
Major addition of Events tab, powered by Yahoo Upcoming (with your own easy-to-get API key).
Notifications of events in 12 customizable categories by current location, supporting both U.S. and international cities.
Notifications of events on your personal Yahoo Upcoming watch lists and friends' watch lists, as if they were iCal events.
Completed Upcoming events and Pollstar & last.fm concert notifications (by default) can persist across launches of OmniGrowl.
OmniGrowl 4.0 is now a regular, visible dock application (by default).
This eliminates cumbersome method to quit and open preferences from the scripts menu.
(Advanced users can still turn off dock visibility with a simple option.)
Dock visibility is only available on Leopard & higher; for Tiger it is background only as before.
Full menu system implemented, making immediate action scripts mostly unnecessary.
(Immediate actions are still installed for the benefit of advanced users.)
Pause & resume all notifications from the window or menu.
Preferences are now automatically saved every 15 minutes, rather than only when window closed or application quit.
RSS presets auto-fill twitter user timelines, @mentions, and #search terms.
RSS presets auto-fill Netflix Shipping & Facebook (when already logged in to those sites with Safari).
Twitter profile pictures fetched automatically for RSS Home Page URLs that start with http://twitter.com/
Twitter profile pictures cached and refreshed every week, with manual refresh button when editting twitter RSS feed.
Twitter feeds for @mention and #search presets show profile image of the original poster.
Again corrected twitter RSS feed headline/content redundancy.
Completely re-wrote major parts of the Instant RSS handling.
More accurate sorting of feed news items by date.
Instant Headlines (RSS) can now be shown only when matching terms in a keyword inclusion list (default checks 30 newest).
Several of the newest unseen headlines for each feed can be shown at once in instant headlines.
Improved obtaining pictures from RSS news items.
Some feeds that more reliably show pictures now: BBC, New York Times, Herald Tribune, Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, and others.
Yahoo weather notification titles only show city by default (when using Yahoo WOEID).
Yahoo weather notification titles can be set to show (or not show) state and country (when using Yahoo WOEID).
4info search fields are now treated as search sets that allow multiple search terms per set.
4info search sets can each be set to stay on screen separately.
4info notifications are clickable for truncated results.
4info search terms can each have a custom image, with a drag & drop image well.
4info search terms are no longer title cased in notifications (bad for stocks).
4info & RSS custom images can be dropped from dragged images (web browser, etc.) and not just image files.
4info default images for U.S. sports associations and AAPL stock added.
Set custom images for Birthday and Anniversary with image well.
last.fm & Pollstar major rewrites.
last.fm & Pollstar format and behavior made more consistent with each other.
last.fm & Pollstar each try to find artist images.
last.fm new option to only match iTunes artists without checking Pollstar.
last.fm: new icon.
Current artwork and track info shown on Music tab when open, along with artwork source.
Added iTunes control buttons to the Music tab, including next album and previous album.
Added buttons to the Music tab to forget the artwork, add to iTunes, or reveal it in the Finder (or Path Finder).
Checks (optionally) local music album folders for images (for iTunes notifications and GeekTool).
GeekTool support integrated into OmniGrowl directly and no longer requires using the plugin/template.
OmniGrowl iTunes GeekTool Template is therefore removed.
If GeekTool's geeklets are added to only "OmniGrowl" group, OmniGrowl makes them both invisible when nothing is playing in iTunes.
Added ability to pause and resume notifications on the main OmniGrowl tab and from the menus.
Debug mode can be turned on & off on the Test tab and from the menus.
Made all interval sliders and slider text consistent.
Cleaned up interface overall.
Last text fields on each tab now saved if changed even if not exited (such as inclusions on Logs tab).
Added Find capability for About tab (and internal logs).
Updated OmniGrowl iTunes Template (basic) to match changes in OmniGrowl.
Bug fix: Check internet for artwork could not actually be turned off.
Bug fix: "Fetched Artwork to iTunes Album (WBC)" script fixes; should not have applied to iTunes selections when iTunes stopped, only current playing/paused album.
Bug fix: In same add-on script, whether an album had existing artwork sometimes was false positive.
(Note: most people can just use the "Add" button on the Music tab now that OG has a dock icon.)
Bugfix: Yahoo Traffic was not handling dates correctly with Snow Leopard.
Cleaned up MacZot formatting.
Organized 4info, Twitter, and Yahoo upcoming files in the Application Support folder.
Organized the temporary files OmniGrowl uses into an OmniGrowl folder (normally unseen).
Worked around Growl bug involving click contexts, ID coalescing and stay-on-screen notifications.
Updated Growl framework to 1.2.1b3.
Updated and verified all tool tips.
Re-wrote online documentation (again!).


Documentation has been moved entirely online, updated, reorganized, and simplified, with pictures included.
OmniGrowl now looks for iTunes artwork with Discogs first before other sources.
Above change returns more accurate and higher quality images but may take slightly longer.
With the following suite of changes to Immediate Actions and Plugins, OmniGrowl is now even more useful as a relatively unobtrusive artwork search tool, when set up with GeekTool 3.
Please see iTunes Artwork for more details.
iTunes notification shown when iTunes is un-paused.
This allows artwork to reappear with OmniGrowl iTunes Plugin when using GeekTool.
"Downloaded Artwork to iTunes Album (WBC)" renamed to "Fetched Artwork to iTunes Album (WBC)" and moved from Plugins to Immediate Actions (in order to be next to "Fetched Artwork Forget").
"Fetched Artwork Forget" Immediate Action added.
Above Action will forget a downloaded album image if it is incorrect, but of course not touch artwork in iTunes. Mainly of use for those using the GeekTool Template as the OmniGrowl iTunes plugin.
iTunes Now (Immediate Actions) will now properly trigger the OmniGrowl iTunes plugin when iTunes is in a stopped state.
(When using the GeekTool template as the OmniGrowl iTunes plugin, this means artwork and track info will properly be cleared.)
OmniGrowl GeekTool template adds property to (optionally) append text to track info when the image originated from the internet rather than iTunes artwork, when "show full notifications" is on in OmniGrowl. (This text defaults to "°")
(That info makes it easier to add missing artwork to iTunes with the included "Fetched Artwork to iTunes Album" Immediate Action.)
(Note: if you're already using it as the OmniGrowl iTunes plugin, please replace the OmniGrowl iTunes plugin with the updated copy from the template.)
Added "iTunes Toggle Full Notifications" to Immediate Actions.
Switching from full to basic will force searching internet for artwork even if iTunes has artwork already (in case the existing artwork is wrong or small, etc.)


Validated all RSS feed presets.
Updated RSS feed preset URLs for Slate, Wired, Guardian UK, el Comercio, AFP, AP, and ABC.
Added a few new RSS feed presets.
Special handling added for BreakingNews on twitter to avoid repetition in headline and description.
Power status checking frequency reduced to 1 minute and made optional on Other tab.


Added an option to check instant RSS feeds more frequently
Increased the maximum number of instant feeds to check at a time from 5 to 10, though a low number is still recommended for normal use.
Yahoo weather notifications are now clickable and direct to the relevant forecast page.
Weather for international cities is now set using the newer Yahoo Where On Earth ID (WOEID) rather than the older Location ID.
The old Location ID remains supported if previously entered as long as Yahoo continues to recognize it.
Weather notifications now use the newer and cleaner Yahoo icons by default.
Using the old weather icons is still an option, however, as they tend to scale better with most popular styles.
When using the new Yahoo icons, WBC recommends using the somewhat hard-to-find Cumulonimbus Growl Style.
Updated Growl Framework to 1.2.1.
Added Info & Advanced Info documents online, with new help button on the About tab.


Fixed bug that caused birthdays around or just after New Year's to notify on the wrong days.
Updated Growl Framework to 1.2 (release).


Added option to check internet for iTunes artwork.
Above works even when not showing "full notifications" so it doesn't choke iTunes.
Added new iTunes script addition to add downloaded art to the current album in iTunes. This makes OmniGrowl a decent artwork finder in its own right.
Added new iTunes script plugin that can be triggered by iTunes track changes.
Included an iTunes GeekTool template for the new iTunes plugin that will display iTunes artwork and track info on the desktop with GeekTool 3 installed and some minimal configuration. (See Advanced Info.)
Since OmniGrowl handles everything, this is a much better solution for GeekTool users than anything currently available (just try it).
Includes Growl Framework 1.2b4.



Updated hacker notifications for Snow Leopard.
Updated Updated .Mac sync log for MobileMe
Added new iCal script plugin template that can be triggered for iCal events with send mail examples for Apple Mail and Entourage (see Advanced Info)
Made Hacker Notification template a little more useful than previous example.
"OmniGrowl Quit" applet and script menu script now shows a Growl notification if OmniGrowl is not running instead of doing nothing.
Updated support link in "Pay for OmniGrowl and Support" applet.
Updated to Growl Framework 1.2b3


Fixed Woot due to changes on Woot.
Included Growl Framework 1.2b2 for better Snow Leopard support.



Snow Leopard support.
Built in XCode 3.2 as 32 bit universal (waiting for Growl framework update for 64 bit support).
Fixed some Snow Leopard related date handling issues.
Updated RSS feed links in presets for several feeds and added a couple, including special case for Breaking News on twitter.
Included twitter icon for twitter RSS feeds.
Better formatting of more obscure HTML entities.
New option to always allow checks even while away (for use with remote notification).
Added 2 more 4info search fields for a total of 4.
Adjusted MacZot again due to ever-changing page formatting.
Techie: curl now always times out properly.


Eliminated repeated undefined variable error message if connection to CityTools Ambient news times out. (Appears to be down 4/9/09, which trigged this message.)


Fixed 4Info URL (again!), hopefully for good this time (added redirect also).
Adjusted Flight Status parsing to work with iCal feeds from TripIt.


Fixed 4Info URL (page had moved)
Limited all notifications to 1000 characters maximum.


Worked around problem with S.M.A.R.T. status check that causes drive noises on some systems. (This noise is caused by an issue with recent versions of Leopard and diskutil).
Work around involves turning off S.M.A.R.T. check by default, and allowing user to turn it back on if desired and set the check interval between 30 minutes and 6 hours (rather than every 5 minutes as before).
Uncoupled “ignore disabled calendars” and “calendar exclusions”. This means now you can exclude iCal calendars by name match without ignoring all calendars disabled (unchecked) in iCal.
Fixed MacZot parsing.
Fixed Woot parsing.
Fixed Pollstar parsing, with a major update to it.
Pollstar notifications now clickable, bringing up artist tour dates page.
Now possible, though not (yet?) required, to specify a Pollstar city code.
Fixed problem with non-US & Canada countries settings on the Personal tab. (OmniGrowl kept trying to look up data from Address Book even when filled in already.)
Fixed some outdated RSS feed URLs in the presets. (Please report bad ones.)


Added global option to set RSS Instant news items to coalesce (defaults to off).
Added new notification: Ambient news from CityTools.
Controls for Ambient News added to the Info tab (defaults to off).
Ambient News immediate action added to scripts menu.
Random Oblique Strategy (ROS) made less frequent by about 25%, so if you like ROS, you may want to increase the frequency.


Another major update!
Added support for Growl notification coalescing.
Above feature means that old notifications of the same type will in most cases be replaced by newer ones if they are still on screen.
Added (preliminary) support for Atom format news feeds.
Added over 100 RSS feed presets including many major international papers, even in Korean, Japanese, Russian, etc.
Added scores more RSS feed images (most created tediously by hand!)
RSS Feed editor now shows image previews in image well.
RSS Feed editor image well accepts & saves dropped custom images.
Image well automatically scales down large images.
RSS Feed editor now has link buttons to open feed URL and home page URL.
Click through URL name changed to Home Page URL.
Last selected RSS feed in editor is remembered next launch.
Added icon for FlightStats.
Added icon for 4Info.
Added icon for OED Word of the Day.
Improved OED WOTD parsing and formatting.
Fixed line break formatting for MacZot.
OmniGrowl Preferences and OmniGrowl Resume script menu scripts now launch OmniGrowl if it is not running.
Fixed issue where some news feeds would reject Mozilla/4.0 agents.
Possibly fixed issue related to logs and standard user accounts.
Revised several tool tips.
Updated documentation.


Fixed problem opening a URL twice in default browsers other than Safari. (Worked around Growl issue.)
RSS notifications now show custom icons for major web sites, especially news and Apple sites, when no image is found.
If no RSS image is found and no custom icon is found, RSS notifications show RSS icon instead of Safari icon.
Included facility to add your own custom icons for RSS web sites (see Advanced Info).
Added option to insert blank lines in RSS hourly headlines for easier readability of individual headlines.
Better handling of HTML entities in RSS hourly headlines.
Added new feature to exclude specific calendars by matching calendar names.
Exclusion interface is a drawer accessed from the Personal tab.
Address Book dates custom label exclusions can now also be accessed on the exclusions drawer.
Revised iCal disabled calendar checking with better unicode support.
Added script menu scripts to pause and resume OmniGrowl. Can be used to suspend OmniGrowl without resetting notifications shown that session.
Eliminated Leopard warning if too many events on disabled calendars since it is no longer relevant with Calendar Store.
Fixed some issues with AMG bios.
AMG bios now show All Music custom icon if no artist image is found.
Custom icons shown for Woot, MacZot, last.fm, and Pollstar also.
Fixed setup last.fm link and clarified last.fm setup information.
Fixed some other links.
Suppressed Error -4960 when logging out while Apple Mail was also running. (Unknown conflict with Apple Mail, error only suppressed.)


Revision focused on improving RSS instant messages:
Number of Instant feeds to check at a time can be set
General improvements handling truncation of feed descriptions.
Better truncation of descriptions with very long sentences (Pitchfork Media)
Cleaner parsing of descriptions with heavy encodings and mark-ups (google news)
Better handling of cutting by line text (google news, etc.)
Deeper digging for images, such as those in enclosures (the Onion)
No longer assumes first RSS xml entry is newest: now check publication dates when that information is available.
Work-around for facebook specific problem that 2nd newest feed item was being shown due to poorly formatted RSS xml.
When item title and description are the same (facebook), they are no longer duplicated.
Updated payment buttons to go with web site redesign.


Fixed problem that preferences window would open at launch even if that option was not checked.
Added new Network Change notification (ethernet & wireless & neither)
Added support for Address Book custom date events (such as anniversaries).
Changed Address Book notification names from “AB Birthday” to “AB Event” accordingly.
Address Book notifications are clickable.
Added advanced method to exclude certain kinds of Address Book custom date events.
Added anniversary icon and facility to customize anniversary icon.
Address Book now launches if not open when clicking “Get from Address Book”.
Added several "Immediate Actions" to the scripts menu:
Immediate Actions are Weather Now, Traffic Now, Headlines Now, AMG Now, AMG Artist Search, iTunes Now, Flight Status Now.
Disable certain settings when other settings make them not applicable.
Better handling of running OmniGrowl on standard (non-admin) accounts.
Better handling of entering password for logs.
Welcome message no longer contains shareware message if you have paid.
Fixed Leopard problem that system would ask for location of ScreenSaverEngine if screen saver had never been run before.
Fixed issue updating preferences if updating to version 3.x from versions before 2.5.
Power status change uses Energy Saver lightbulb icon if option to show icons of source application is selected.
Network status change uses network icon if option to show icons of source application is selected.
Resolved some issues with duplicate RSS Instant notifications by using MD5 checksums.
Updated and simplified documentation.


Major re-write of significant code portions.
Optimized speed and performance in several areas.
Now uses the Leopard Calendar Store on Leopard!
This means iCal no longer needs to be open on Leopard, and OmniGrowl is much faster.
Complete re-design of RSS settings which allow for a much higher level of customization.
Individual RSS feeds can be temporarily disabled, can include short descriptions, can include images, etc.
The total number of RSS feeds is now unlimited.
RSS instant headline checks are staggered, so no more than 3 are checked at once, improving performance.
Included a few other default RSS feeds as suggestions.
Clickable notifications implemented!
Added (optionally) clickable events and to-dos.
RSS feed notifications (Hourly Headlines and Instant) are (optionally) clickable.
Woot, MacZot, and OED, and Yahoo Traffic, and AMG Bio notifications are (optionally) clickable.
Included To-Do today (after 06:00) notification in with the To-Do tomorrow notification and renamed to "To-Do"
Major interface redesign with a new Info tab and better layout.
Really, truly made failed hacker attempt notification work properly.
Added Hacker Attempt template script to further process the IPs of hackers.
Introduced faster way to report iTunes track changes, sacrificing (optionally) artwork, etc.
iTunes checks are not triggered if screen saver is active as it was before, thus possibly addressing sleep issues.
iTunes (“full”) notification now skips displaying rating for non-rated tracks.
Vastly improved AMG Bio speed, handling and timing.
AMG Bio displays images if found.
AMG Bio notifications can be set to adjustable minimum minutes apart.
Reset password if decryption fails with notifications to re-enter.
Fixed broken "Find Location ID" link on the news tab.
Re-wrote good portions of the documentation.
Broke up the documentation into sections as it was growing too long.
OED notification formatting clean-up.
Added birthday cake icon for birthdays.
Added way to customize birthday cake and horoscope graphics.
Added several new tests for iCal and Address Book events, to-dos, and birthdays.
Added status output for the test window.
Notifications surpressed while OmniGrowl preferences window is open for first 2 minutes or is open to any tab other than OmniGrowl after that (for more responsiveness while setting preferences).
OmniGrowl no longer even asks if you want to add it to login items at startup, since the “Add to Login” button is obvious enough.
S.M.A.R.T. checking can be turned off entirely.
Maintained compatibility with Tiger with framework weak-linking and other work-arounds.


Better timeout handling for notifications and during launch.
If Growl can't be found after 5 minutes or more OmniGrowl will always quit.
Above change in particular avoids launch time out error message if it takes a very long time for OS X to launch all login items at login.
Entered admin password for logs now saved when entered as well as quit.


S.M.A.R.T. status checking is now done properly for the startup disk even if its device ID is not disk0
Failed hacker attempts notification now fixed and working as intended


RSS feeds can be set individually to stay on screen or not, and works with both hourly and instant RSS notifications.
iCal events are now cached at set intervals, improving performance.
Added MacZot notification.
Added option to allow some checks while away (default now off whereas pervious behavior was on).
Above change may help resolve some Mac sleep issues.
Checks display sleep status as well as screen saver.
Added section to info document explaining sleep issues.
New defaults for log settings, including separate set for Leopard and new supported logs for Tiger. Click "Restore Defaults" to set these.
Added some clean-up of some default log output.
Added option to notify after set number of failed logins from the same IP if secure.log and Check Logs are both enabled.
Yahoo Weather was displaying Fahrenheit when set to Celsius. Fixed.
Turning off internet connection checking had no effect. Fixed.
To-dos were not working under rare circumstances. Fixed.
Instant RSS notifications were not working under certain circumstances. Fixed.
Passwords are now blowfish encrypted and saved rather than using the Keychain for maximum speed and Tiger/Leopard compatibility.
Significant under the hood code optimization for notifications.
Built on Leopard.


Woot checking was broken. Fixed.
last.fm checking in some cases was not working. Fixed.
better handling of certain accented characters (more HTML entities handled)


Internet checking error message bug fixed.
The internet checking feature (which reduces system load when offline) is now an option.
(However, error messages related to internet checking should no longer appear whether or not that option is on or off.)
(That option should be turned off only if OmniGrowl is erroneously reporting that it is "offline", which may be due to a firewall or network configuration issue.)
When no connection is found and internet checking is on, an "offline" notification will be shown only once per launch.
Now gives an incompatibility notice with Panther rather than silently quitting.
OED Word of the Day was being shown even when the option was not checked. Fixed.
Fixed "WBC Support" button in included Script "Pay for OmniGrowl and Support"


New "iCal Now" notification replaces iCal 10 minute notification.
"iCal Now" notification is variable from 2 - 20 minutes before and event.
Some infrequent 4info text formatting glitches believed to be fixed.
Fixed problems with flight status notifications due to authentication changes at flightstats.com.
Removed startup status panel if Growl cannot be activated. OmniGrowl will quit with a message after 30 seconds in this case.
OmniGrowl now checks periodically for an active internet connection, which improves performance when off-line.


New "Instant Headline" option introduced with new notification.
Instead of showing top headlines of an RSS feed on the hour, it is now also possible to be notified of the newest RSS headline as it arrives, which is more suitable for feeds like facebook, etc.
It is no longer necessary to commit changes to the RSS list. This is now done after any edits.
Internal improvements to RSS table handling related to above changes.
Better handling of RSS feeds that insist on particular browsers to display (such as FaceBook).
When enabled, AMG bios are checked a minimum of 2 minutes apart (to prevent excessive checking when playing tracks rapidly)


New Notification: 4Info searches on anything. Use for sports scores & updates, stock quotes, horoscopes, etc.
New Notification: Oxford English Dictionary (OED) Word of the Day (off by default)
New Notification: All Music Guide (AMG) Biographies for artists playing in iTunes
More icons on the interface, all now clickable.
Date handling revised significantly to accommodate international regions and non-Gregorian calendars on Leopard. All systems should now work without errors.
Excessive iCal 3 timeout errors now disable the iCal checking portions of OmniGrowl rather than quitting OmniGrowl. (After disabling large calendars in Leopard, iCal checking can and should be re-enabled in OmniGrowl).
Past last.fm events in most cases no longer generate notifications.
Work around for Leopard-Tiger cross compatibility issues involving Keychain Access [thanks Matt].


iTunes notification broken by version 2.1. Fixed.
"addies" error fixed (if no Address Book "me" card matching full login name)
optimized "full name" code (thanks Phil Aker)
Addressed erroneous SMART status verified notification
Corrected date error ("January 1, 2000") on some international systems


OmniGrowl now (partially) handles recurring iCal events
New option to enable/disable recurring events checking and corresponding button on the Test tab.
Disabling and then enabling recurring events checking will present option to scan now (same as above test button).
Fixed ignore disabled calendars option. (Was always on.)
Un-checking and re-checking ignore will re-load list of ignored calendars without needing to restart OmniGrowl.
Added interface to enter an admin password to be stored on the Keychain to allow OmniGrowl to read secure logs
Leopard: Address book "me" card check now works
Leopard: iCal checking fixed (problem related to unique ID)
Leopard: iCal disabled calendars checking fixed
Leopard: Staggered polling of iCal to accommodate much slower AppleEvent responses from iCal 3 compared to iCal 2 (complain to Apple about this one folks!)
Leopard: Added warning notification if combined enabled calendars have more than 1500 events.
Leopard: Increased iCal timeout
Leopard: OmniGrowl will quit after excessive time outs with a message.
Leopard: Fixed Yahoo weather icon
Leopard: (and maybe Tiger?) Fixed Last.fm if dashboard had less than 10 events.
Leopard: Flight Stats problems fixed
Other Leopard-related fixes.
Notification history cleared at midnight to accommodate recurring events. (Down-side: may see duplicate notifications if an event starts at midnight that is not all-day.)
Added option to limit notification titles to one line, which is more compatible with some Growl display styles (like Bezel)
If Growl is not running at OmniGrowl launch, will display status panel while looking
Welcome message is only sticky on first run now by default
New notification for OmniGrowl status messages (previously was using "Welcome Message" for status which some people wanted to disable)
OmniGrowl log can be toggled with CMD-L while preferences window is open.
Log text formatting fixed and is automatically copied to the clipboard.
Logs purged each 3000 entries.
Debug mode (extra logging) can be toggled with CMD-D while preferences window is open.
More informative debug logging.
Other under-the-hood tweaks
OmniGrowl has changed its license to $10 unrestricted shareware (Thank the Tick ;-) If you have previously donated any amount, thank you! There is no need to pay again. (Unless you really want to, and then who am I to stop you.)


Bug fix related to Woot check when checking not enabled.


Major upgrade!
Flight status feature
Flight status monitoring looks for iCal entries like: NWA 333 DTW-LAX
Yahoo traffic checking more configurable
More forgiving with incorrectly entered Yahoo Location IDs
Pollstar: limited international support added for concert notifications
OnTour: discontinued because OnTour locked out 3rd party web access by requiring a special venue code (please complain!)
New icon including Leopard icon (512x512)
Notifications now display new icon by default
Previous behavior displaying icon of originating application (iCal, etc.) can be set as an option.
RSS: re-direction fixed for some feeds
RSS: feed:// URLs now allowed
RSS: some .rdf feeds supported
Added daily Woot notification (off by default)
Vastly improved and more customizable log monitoring interface.
Total redesign of preferences window with tabs, much more user-friendly and nicer to look at
New clock to set at what time to display notifications for all day events the next day
R.O.S frequency can be set to 0 (off) by sliding it all the way to the left
Button to enable AFP logging in terminal
Start at login button now opens Accounts prefs pane to disable if OmniGrowl already installed
Access to Growl preference pane from OmniGrowl preference window
Nags less frequent and can be turned off totally in OmniGrowl prefs.
Completely reworked documentation again.
Hidden debug feature: press CMD-L on preferences window to show internal error log.
Other minor tweaks.
Now Tiger + only. Version 1.5.2 is the last to support Panther. Version 2.0 has not been tested with Leopard but a compatibility upgrade will come after the release of Leopard.


[Fixed] Preferences window was wrongly coming up periodically if the option to open preferences on launch remained checked. [Thanks to those who pointed this problem out!]


Yahoo Traffic alerts by zip code twice per day (OS X 10.4+, U.S. only sorry)
Traffic alert times adjustable (OS X 10.4+)
Yahoo Location ID can be set for international weather
Yahoo weather can be set up to 3 times per hour
Celsius and Fahrenheit are both now supported
Yahoo weather was showing twice each time [fixed with 1.4.7 silent update]
Weather and traffic alerts fetched even in screen saver mode
Preferences and test windows interface clean up
OmniGrowl preferences now opens at launch until you uncheck that option because many people didn't know they existed
Introduced "first run" dialog explaining accessing preferences
Updated Info.rtf file


weather was showing up twice at 45 min mark; fixed; silent update


Yahoo weather at 45 minutes past the hour
temporary files properly removed on quit
minor bug fixes


Last.fm support (for retrieving recommended events).


Removes HTML tags in RSS Headlines
More error trapping


Fixed Add to Login error


Added support for Pollstar concert notifications
"Check OnTour" preference and notification changed to "Concerts"
New plugin scripts architecture:
OmniGrowl can now run your own scripts at specified periods (template provided)
Access Preferences from Scripts Menu
Quit OmniGrowl from Scripts Menu
Addressed issue of OmniGrowl not letting iCal quit at system restart
Other tweaks


Added support for OnTour (check concerts in your area)
Better parsing of AFP logs (more readable)
No longer adds itself to login items without confirmation first
Will no longer notify when screen saver active
Added tool (help) tips to preference window
More preference options
Added both graphical and textual date picker to testing window (Tiger)
Better handling of system event time out errors (should now never appear)
Other tweaks


Added support for OS X 10.3 Panther (beta)
Preference Window (press CMD-comma immediately on launch, quit, and relaunch)
Customizable RSS feeds
Tomorrow's dated To-Do notifications no longer shown if completed
iTunes notification uses album artist instead of artist if available and different than artist (by request)
Added Random Oblique Strategy
Added startup disk S.M.A.R.T. check
Added power status change (AC or Battery, Tiger only)


Implemented iTunes distributed notifications (instant notification on iTunes track change rather than polling every 30 seconds)
Implemented RSS notifications ("Hourly Headlines"), alternating CNN, BBC, NYT
Implemented AFP activity log monitoring
Implemented Software Update log monitoring
Added random donation nag (can be turned off, at most 2 times per day)
Better handling of timeout errors


Initial release