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Hidden Preferences:

Some advanced preferences cannot be set in the interface, but can be changed. Currently hidden preferences are:
  • maxsize (integer): This is the maximum size in pixels of an image dropped in the RSS image well. Larger images will be scaled downward to this size. Default=512.
  • ctdelay (integer): The delay in seconds between each Ambient News notification in a “burst”. Default=5.
  • maxinstant_includes (integer): the number of the most recent instant headlines for each feed to check each time for inclusion matches. Default = 30.
  • gt_check_anyway (boolean): Should GeekTool integration re-check iTunes artwork even if OmniGrowl didn’t find any? Default = NO (false)
  • gt_markers (list): For GeekTool, a list of character markers to indicate whether artwork came from the internet, local images, or iTunes, respectively. The last term is the text to show when nothing is playing in iTunes. Default = {"°", "•", "","all is quiet…"}
  • min_pic_size (integer): for album art, the minimum size of a local image’s longest dimension before checking iTunes and/or the internet for a better quality one. Default = 200.
  • each_track_option (boolean): Check artwork for each track when full iTunes notifications are on and the track’s compilation flag is set or there is an album artist that doesn’t match the artist or the genre ends with “!”. Default=True.
  • reload_hours_default (integer): the number of hours to wait before fetching new data from Yahoo Upcoming. (Otherwise last data is cached.) Default = 6.
  • lookup_cc_by_id (boolean): try to lookup newer click context (URL, etc, when notification clicked) corresponding to same identifier. This is a work-around for a bug in Growl that when fixed will no longer be necessary. The drawback is if you never use notification coalescing (replacing newer similar notifications, as for events, RSS, etc.). In that case clicking on an older stay on screen notification will open the corresponding newer context instead.
  • max_timeouts (integer): maximum number of timeout errors before quitting. Default=15. Setting this to 0 means never quit because of timeouts.

You can change keys directly in the preference file plist with an XML or text editor, or using the terminal command "defaults write" (while OmniGrowl is quit).

The preferences file is:

Defaults write is:
defaults write com.wbc.omnigrowl <key> <new value>

For example, to change maxsize from the default of 512 pixels to 128:

defaults write com.wbc.omnigrowl maxsize 128

For boolean values:

defaults write com.wbc.omnigrowl gt_check_anyway -bool NO

For a list:

defaults.write com.wbc.omnigrowl gt_markers '("°", "•", "","all is quiet…")'