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HomeBuyDB is $17 shareware
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Track and compare homes you may purchase

It’s a buyer’s market out there. Now more than ever, prospective home buyers need the tools to make wise choices.

• Track properties, using pop-ups and check boxes
• Store pictures
• Take notes
• Schedule walk-throughs
• Make financial calculations
• Quickly view neighborhood comparative values
• Plan improvements
• Automatically email your realtor about desired viewings
• Organize the entire home buying process

HomeBuyDB a stand-alone database which does not require FileMakerPro. However, if you own FileMaker Pro, you can use FileMaker Instant Web Publishing to publish your database on the internet or on a LAN. If you own FileMaker Go, you can access your published database on your iPhone or iPad, or transfer the database to your iPhone or iPad. If you own FileMaker Mobile, you can synchronize the database to a Palm OS device, thus making it easy to take notes on-the-fly during property walk throughs, and later synchronize back to the desktop database.

If you are a realtor, please consider sponsoring HomeBuyDB.