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ThinkArch is $11 shareware
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For Mac OS X only
requires DEVONthink Pro
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Archive Entourage email in DEVONThink

DEVONThink Pro offers basic support for importing Entourage emails. ThinkArch lets you customize when and how your email is archived.

Email piles up over the years and slows down your email software. What to do with it? This program gives you more than a backup...It is a very useful program. more testimonials »

• Archives only mail in selected mailboxes.
• Save and load mailbox sets
• Schedule archives.
• Archives only mail older than a set date.
• Set date can be relative to current date or relative to last archive date.
• Archives can be scheduled monthly without intervention.
• Handles both plain text and HTML emails.
• Automatic text cleanup.
• Control of archive folder hierarchies.
• Control whether to archive unread messages or high priority messages.
• Specific DTP database to use for archives can be set.
• Basic handling of attachments supported by DTP.
• Automatic removal of duplicates and replicants.
• Add to DTP from Entourage selection feature.
• Access to “Add to DTP from Entourage” script from scripts menu.
• More!