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Here is a vareity of AppleScripts. Some are still quite useful but others have not been tested in some time.

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These are a number of scripts that work with iTunes, in conjunction with other programs. Includes: WBC iTunes Suite for Salling Clicker, WBC iTunes Hot Keys Set (for QuicKeys or another Hot Keys program) [screen shot], WBC iTunes Scripts for Big Cat, WBC iTunes Meets GeekTool [screen shot], WBC Grab Bag scripts (mostly for ID3 tag clean-up), and other miscellaneous scripts. (version: 1.9.3, 12/2012) donationware
Batch process comic files (.cbz, .cbr, and .rar), decompressing them with Stuffit Expander and then reducing size and quality. The purpose is to be able to view these files on a PDA, such as on a Palm OS device using GRX View or Acid Image or another native JPEG viewer. Stuffit Expander is required, and iMagine Photo is recommended.
Customizable script to open two finely positioned Finder windows in column view. Based on this hint from Mac OS X Hints, with modifications by WBC and a nifty icon to put in the dock or toolbar.
Ever want to attach a contact to an event, but not set that contact as an attendee? This will put a selected or chosen Address Book contact into the URL field of the selected event in iCal. This will create a link in the event which will display as "Show in Address Book..."
Big Cat is a plugin to script contextual menu items. Here's one to group selected items into a new folder which works both in the Finder and in Path Finder. More Big Cat scripts are included in the WBC iTunes Scripts Collection.
Some scripts for DEVONThink Pro: Add to DevonThink Pro from Entourage; Add Page to DevonThink Plus (adds from Safari, stripping ads etc for NYT and others); various add to DTP from Safari scripts with group selection; Kill Duplicates and Replicants. Last updated: 02/24/2009
Export Proteus chat histories to formatted text. Instructions for use are in the script comments, which you can view in Script Editor.
Updates your Entourage signature with what's playing in iTunes. This was incorporated into Moa Tunes, but some people might want just this.
Droplet to convert European MT940 bank files to OFX format. This droplet merely bundles the mtconverter javascript, which is an open source project. To use, just drag and drop an MT940 text file onto the droplet.