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Here are a few FileMaker databases. The Pros call them "solutions," which we suppose at least doubles their value.

The last three were mainly designed for use with FileMaker Mobile, which has unfortunately been discontinued. R.I.P. Palm OS.

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Database for FileMaker

Imports a list of music from an iTunes unicode "Export Playlist" file. It features a list and detail view, and other general database functions, in an attractive package. It prints various detail and summary reports, a CD insert, and produces an HTML table. (Version 2.5.2, last updated: 28 January 2011)
Keeps track of your eyeglasses prescriptions. Nothing too fancy, but good to use with FileMaker Mobile to keep this info on your Palm Pilot.
Keeps track of videos you want to see or rent. Simple but effective. Designed to sync to JFile on the Palm Pilot with FM Sync or FileMaker Mobile. Read the info screen for details.
Stores recipes and compiles a simple shopping list. Simple but effective way to sync recipes between your Mac and your Palm.