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ThinkArch is $11 shareware
trial download
For Mac OS X only
requires DEVONthink Pro
screen shots
version history


Resigned for Gatekeeper v2/Yosemite


Updated for compatibility with DTP 2.x.
Fixed issues where sent messages would not be archived.
Improved some HTML mail formatting issues.
Updated "Add to DevonThink Pro from Entourage" script for DTP 2.x.
Script can now archive the frontmost open mail message window in addition to the selection in a list of messages.
Fixed Action menu item to install above script.
Please note: Backward compatibility with DEVONThink versions prior to 2.0 can no longer be exhaustively tested. Please report any problems.


Updated and checked for Leopard compatibility.
Checked for basic compatibility with Entourage 2008.
Fixed date issues on international systems in Leopard.
The "Process only messages newer than..." setting is no longer updated to the last archive date.
Entourage archive group in DEVONThink Pro could not be changed. Fixed.
Entourage archive group can now be any group and not only at root.
Entourage archive group can be selected with DEVONThink Pro's group selector.
Much faster loading of large mailboxes.
Quick scan option to begin detailed checking of messages closer to actual archive dates.
Time out handing improved.
Maximum per message timeout can be set.
Fixed rare string error when rewrapping mail with certain gremlin characters.
Added cancel button during archives or exports.
Added second progress bar to show progress while archiving each mailbox in addition to overall.
Removed shareware nag in tool tip when paid.
Interface glitch fixes.
Growl support.


Initial release