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Osiris is donationware
main download
For Mac OS X only
requires Thoth or MT‑NewsWatcher
screen shots
version history


Resigned for Gatekeeper v2/Yosemite


Code signed to support OS X Mountain Lion Gatekeeper.
64-bit support.


Maximum part size increased to 10,000 for use with MT-NW.
Links updated for new WBC web site.



Fixed issue where both MT-NW and Thoth needed to be installed (now either can be as designed)
No longer necessary to launch one of the newsreaders before launching Osiris



Leopard compatible
New huge Leopard icon
Fixed drop zone delay!
Icon now of Osiris rather than the Eye of Horus
Interface beautification
MT-NW and Thoth part sizes now saved separately
Built-in info panel (help menu)
Credit Osiris option no longer re-checked after each folder post
Minor bug fixes
Kept all hokey bits as-is cuz that's the character of Osiris dangit



Completely rebuilt with XCode as universal binary
Outdated user preferences system rebuilt, so preferences will need to be reset
Addressed problem with MT-Newswatcher which does not allow empty body text by disallowing the option to to only post body text in first post
Made pads for zeros in post numbers infinite rather than just one zero (allowing > 99 posts)

[not sure version number or date here]


added option to post body text (message part 0) with the first posting only



successfully tested with MT-NW 3.4
built with fastest optimization
fixed the long-broken "karma -> donate" menu item



changed so Osiris uses Thoth default personality if no personalities are set.
added receiver drop box for folders
compiled with XCode



changed personality selection to a pop-up menu (typing the personality is no longer necessary)
changed defaults related to "use numbering" in order to reduce news-reader confusion
(defaults to off, and default string isin the form of "Post 01 of 03")
changed part size tool tip to clarify defaults for Thoth & MT-NW
changed interface to metal just because



fixed two problems related to errors with international systems



Edit menu added, pasting into text fields now works
added yenc & macbin as well as no encoding options for Thoth
adjusted interface to accommodate that change



recompiled for Jaguar
fixed bugs in Jaguar
added Karma menu



Osiris 2.0 released after AppleScript 1.8.3 was finally publicly released.