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MoveTunes is $6 shareware
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For Mac OS X only
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version history


Resigned for Gatekeeper v2/Yosemite


Code signed to support OS X Mountain Lion Gatekeeper.


Fixed issue involving retaining playlists that had generated an error with iTunes 10+ involving Audiobooks


Will now retain artwork for moved files.
Can now add moved tracks to MoveTunes Moved playlist (for use with smart playlists based on date added).
Can now add original tracks to MoveTunes Remove playlist (instead of removing from iTunes immediately).
This will speed up moving many tracks considerably. (See tool tip for that option.)
Fixed menu option to turn off interface sound effects (the sound of items being trashed).
Other minor revisions.
Verified working with iTunes 10.3.1.


Support for Snow Leopard
Support for iTunes 9
Reworked interface.
Built as 32/64 bit universal in XCode 3.2
Work around XCode compiler bug affecting intel macs running Leopard
Remembers recent target (destination) folders.
Expanded types of files that can be processed by MoveTunes to include more standard video files.
Better handling of situations where the file to be moved already exists in the target location.
Handles missing album tags creating folders called "Unknown Album".


Corrected some issues involving audiobooks and protected audio files.
Worked around iTunes 8.2 bug involving user playlists.


Added option to keep original album folder name rather than using the iTunes album name
Added debug mode
Made Unicode the default import format
Handled Unicode imports incorrectly imported as plain text


New huge icon for Leopard
Confirmed working with Leopard
Interface changes


better support of iTunes 7
better Unicode support


Fixed issue moving using playlist source, item not removed from library playlist. (Silent update)
Fixed an issue where fuzzy matching was not working properly in some situations.


Added option to use an iTunes user playlist as a source.


Disable fuzzy option when iTunes song list option is selected.
Added support for ITMS protected files and ITMS .m4v video files


Added option to fuzzy match artists & albums (ignoring certain articles and punctuation)
Fixed cosmetic glitches when resizing window
Added pay via PayPal menu option and fixed about box PayPal link
Added show information and show history panel to help menu
Moved usage information from the About box to the MoveTunes Information panel.
Adjusted status display a bit.


Initial release.


Mavericks compatibility.
Fixed preserving artwork.
Fixed erroneous file permission error.
Fixed moving associated files in album folder (images, etc.)
Fixed trashing old artist/album folders when they contained such associated files.
Fixed some issues with Growl support.