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Mac OS X

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version history


Resigned for Gatekeeper v2/Yosemite


Certified for Mavericks.
Fixed preserving artwork.
Fixed issue identifying certain audio file types.
Fixed some issues with Growl support.
Update instructions to better conform to iTunes 11.


Code signed to support OS X Mountain Lion Gatekeeper.


Reorganized main Steps buttons, separating out "tools" that need not be used in any of the steps.
Now shows all status messages as dialogs when "show warnings and alerts" is on and Growl is not installed.
Diacritical marks and case are now ignored when identifying duplicates.
Fixed bug involving scanning duplicates when ignoring album and track number.


Fixed an issue with Deep Clean mode.
Verified compatible with iTunes 10.0.1


Tested for iTunes 10 compatibility.
Added one-time alert to make sure "show list checkboxes" is enabled in iTunes 10+.
Fixed another issue related to Tiger/intel compatibility.
Added hidden setting to increase timeout limits.
Minor interface and documentation changes.


Now again compatible with Tiger Intel systems.


Added option to group lossless and lossy audio formats into separate duplicate sets.
Improved fuzzy matching dealing with leading and trailing spaces, line endings, and case.
Added partial support for AIF, ALAC, FLAC, and WAV (all now work with most functions of iDupe).
Trapped a potential error involving removing dead tracks.


Better handling of tracks with no ID3 tags.
Fixed hanging issue involving scanning tracks without tags when an album folder has a massive number of files.
iDupe attempts to guess at artist and track name based on the file name for tracks without tags.
Fixed issue preserving playlists when a track is missing artist or album tags.
Fixed similar issue when restoring dead tracks when a track is missing those tags.
Rewrote more portions to rely less on the Finder (now almost not at all). This increases speed generally.
Improved portion relating to evaluating whether an album has more files of a certain type (mp3, m4a, m4p, ogg, flac).
Better handling of .ogg files, especially .ogg bit rates.
Added timeout handling to the initial "checking selection portion" of the scan.
Better handling of time outs overall.
Partial results now available if scan is cancelled.
Fixed initial non-appearance of scan progress bar when scanning very large selections.
Improved debug logging.
Debug log cleared when toggling debug mode is toggled.
Tweaks to iGotta dead track scanning feature.
Clean up some documentation.


Compatibility adjustments for iTunes 9.
iTunes LP always considered keeper album given any duplicate album. (see advanced info to disable).
Possible to scan iTunes U playlist.
Major changes under-the-hood to cope with certain problem file systems and architectures.
Above changes minimize use of the Finder, which makes iDupe faster on other systems.
Above changes fixed compiler issue with intel Macs running Leopard that returned -3 errors when scanning in iDupe 2.6
Above changes may make iDupe compatible with file vault systems but this still needs testing (volunteers?)
Changed iTunes version handling to cope with future iTunes versions greater than 9.
When counting album files, obvious copies are not counted.
Debug logs can now be accessed on the info tab.
Debug logging improved.
Group Scan mode now default for new users.
Minor interface tweaks.


Snow Leopard compatibility
Rebuilt as 32/64 bit universal binary in XCode 3.2
Fixed issue getting selection if no tracks selected on Music library.
Added option to always treat a 5-star-rated track the keeper in a duplicate set, if it is the only one rated 5 stars.
Re-worded warning about large selections to highlight the availability of group scan mode.
Above warning only shown when group scan mode is off.
Improved debug logging.
Now requires at least OS X 10.4.



Work around iTunes 8.2 bug that made it impossible to scan normal user playlists.
Rebuild on XCode 3 on Leopard with appropriate adjustments to work around Tiger backwards compatibility issues.
Minor interface changes.



Rebuilt with XCode 2.5 on Tiger.
Work around Leopard XCode 3.0 bug causing issues with Tiger when (optional) FileMaker or Growl not installed (fixed).
Restore defaults button restores default settings of several recent features that were overlooked before.



Added faster copy to "iDupe Remove" playlist instead of removing from Music library mode.
Fuzzy matching now treats "&" and "and" as equivalent.
More track-by-track progress reporting when "more information" option is on.
More warnings given when "show warnings" option is on.
More functions can be canceled.
Broke information screens into several sections.
Interface adjustments, especially tool tip edits.
Fixed some issues with Step 2 check mark all & reverse check marks actions.



Added major new option to scan faster in sub-groups of selection
Though less accurate, this option speeds up iDupe considerably
Added option to copy the albums of all duplicate sets with duplicate files to a special iDupe Albums playlist
Added option to ignore fuzzy matching settings for Podcasts (default)
Fixed problem with duplicates that all had 0 duration, such as PDFs
Split settings into two tabs because the Settings tab had grown too crowded
Detailed information on what will happen at the "Mark Results" step shown on "Other Settings" and also on button's tool tip (mouse over)
Mark Results button is now only enabled after a successful scan
Status & error codes moved to Info tab (with button) to avoid clutter on the report
Quick Start moved to toggle button with status codes on Info tab
Quick Start shown by default on first launch on Info tab
Info (documentation) revised considerably
Welcome message shown on first launch on Info tab (starting with this version)
Cancel button added
Internal debug log cleared periodically, improving performance during large scans.
Can now toggle debug mode from the help menu.
When debug mode is on, more info will be logged and it will also be logged on the console log.
Better time out handling while getting selection from iTunes.



Podcasts playlists scanning now allowed. It is best to turn off "fuzzier" matching when scanning Podcasts
Panther compatibility restored
Added option to remove media files immediately and bypass trash, resolving some permissions issues
Added incompatibility warning with iTunes 7.6 (any other iTunes version 7 works)
Added Quick Start section to the documentation on the info tab



Date related fixes for Leopard international systems



Leopard compatibility upgrades
New icon with huge size for Leopard
Small icons added to Action buttons
Interface made a bit more spacious
Moved some "Action" menu items to "Help" menu
Better Unicode support of unusual file names
Better performance with iTunes 7 and higher
Fixed restore dead tracks when not using Spotlight
File errors no longer force abort of whole scan but are logged individually
Removed option to treat all as first match because results not always desirable
Added elapsed time to report and reformatted report a bit



No bug reports for 2.1 public beta 1, therefore issue with removing duplicate references from Music playlist assumed fixed.


2.1 public beta 1

(Believe) fixed removing duplicate references from Music playlist in iTunes 7.x (See info on this in known issues!)
Added support for preserving album ratings



New option to preserve playlists
New option to prefer newest tracks when all else equal (Now default)
New option to set a duration fudge range (i.e., track durations within a set number of seconds treated as the same)
New option to specify truncation limits for "fuzzier" logic
Better unicode support
Re-organization of settings interface
Better iTunes 7 compatiblity
Copy selection info and logs fixed for iTunes 7
More conservative about trashing empty finder folders
Growl support
Other bug fixes



[Fixed] Several more conflicts with iTunes 7. iTunes 7 created more issues than originally caught, sorry. Hopefully this is the end of it!
[Fixed] Some issues with restoring dead tracks creating duplicates when it shouldn't have.
[Fixed] iTunes Version checking
[Improved] Debug logging.
[Changed] Preserve played counts now preserves the total played count of all duplicates in a set, not the highest (by request). Currently reverting to previous behavior is not an option, will add an option if there are great objections to this.



[Changed] Main Actions tab's buttons now grouped in "step" boxes to clarify functions.
[Changed] WBC links to http://www.woodenbrain.com.


[Changed] When removing unchecked duplicates from a playlist only, those tracks are now first re-checked for other playlists. Can change by holding down option key while clicking button.


[Added] Option to preserve artwork.
[Added] Option to decide whether to preserve ratings, played count, comments, BPM, and artwork for ambiguous results or only for unambiguous keepers.
[Added] Debug logs now appended when option to copy selection to clipboard is chosen from menu.


[Added] Fuzzier matching option. Fuzzy matching now has a new level of fuzzy.
[Changed] Some buttons that might have been incompatible with Panther.
[Fixed] Resolved issue where iDupe would report a library playlist unscannable if user had no user playlists.
No reported issues with features introduced in 1.6b1.


1.6 beta 1

[Note] Added several new features and made behavior changes that WBC is unable to fully test, so this is released as a public beta.
[Added] Ability to weight AAC and Ogg bit rates.
[Added] Partial support for Ogg Vorbis files (See info for details).
[Added] Option to preserve BPM.
[Added] Toggle info and version history.
[Fixed] Duplicate playlist entries not removed if ignore album and track number set.
[Improved] Settings layout.
[Improved] Debug info reporting (copy to clipboard).
[Changed] Made tracks with no disc number match tracks with disc number of 1.
[Changed] Behavior of "Always prefer higher bit rates" to "Keep a single if its bit rate is higher". Default now unchecked. Previous users please change setting if desired.
Rationale for last change: Higher bit rates are always a priority consideration for albums, so the original setting was actually not needed. For singles, some people may want to keep higher bit rate versions of files even if their tags are partial. When checked, both tracks will be kept (ambiguous). The default is therefore now unchecked.