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    Home Details


    Track home features with simple popup menus & check boxes. Drag & drop pictures from web pages. Some information can be automatically retreived from Safari on Mac OS X.
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    Store Pictures


    Store pictures of the house from web listings or your digital camera.
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    View Map


    Easily map the address with integrated Google map.
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    Quickly estimate total costs, comparative values, ownership costs, and future re-sale values.
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    Quickly compare neighborhood comp values by price per square foot and appreciation since last sale.
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    Accurately estimate the cost of needed improvements, or plan improvements on a home you already own.
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    Preset Searches


    HomeBuyDB provides several kinds of preset searches, such as homes you are still interested in, ones that have your features or fall under your price cap.
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    Search Results


    Search results allow you to quickly compare homes, and rank them.
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    Price Comparison


    Quickly compare values in the price comparison list, which shows things like rent equivalent and projected value.