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Cast Away

Cast Away is $8 shareware
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For Mac OS X only
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    Main Window


    In additional to scheduled removals, you can remove podcasts at any time. The auto-playback queue can also be reset whenever you like.
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    Podcast Settings


    Removal and auto-playback settings for each podcast can be fine-tuned. Cast Away can handle what podcasts you keep in iTunes and what you keep on your iPod separately.
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    Global Settings


    Cast Away's global settings are flexible, and it can even make sure all your podcasts continue to update even if you have not played them.
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    Removal Report


    Detailed information on which podcast episodes were removed and why is shown on the info tab.
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    Schedule Settings


    Podcast episodes can be scheduled for removal, and Cast Away will launch at the designated time, without needing to be open first.
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    Advanced Settings


    Advanced users can view and modify all their podcast settings at once.
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    Playback Settings


    Cast Away can play new podcast episodes as they arrive, under the conditions you choose.
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    Mini Window


    A mini floater window can show both auto-playback and removal status.