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CaliBrate is $8 shareware
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For Mac OS X only
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Resigned for Gatekeeper v2/Yosemite


Compatibility update for Mavericks.
When moving or copying recurring events on 10.9+, excluded dates are no longer retained, due to an OS X bug that hangs Calendar.


When adding an attendee, an email is also added. The first email labeled "work" will be used, then "home", then any email.
Fixed: When copying rather than moving events between calendars on Lion or higher, copy now works as intended rather than only moving.



Added feature to the "shift event in time" action to set an absolute date.


Added feature to the "shift event in time" action to set an absolute year, month, or day.


Code signed for Gatekeeper support on OS X Mountain Lion.
References to iCal changed to Calendar when running OS X 10.8+
Properly differentiates between event calendars and task calendars (used respectively by Calendars and Reminders in Mountain Lion).
Other Mountain Lion compatibility updates.
Worked around issues moving events between iCloud calendars (by copying then deleting rather than moving on Lion+).
Corrected sound alarms saving with incorrect sound in some circumstances.
Updated internal support documentation.



Fixed recognition of disabled (unchecked) calendars for the new MobileMe calendars and other CalDAV calendars.
Fixed some minor interface glitches.


Added search option to search for multiple alarms.
When adding alarms, existing alarms can be removed or not removed first optionally.
The number of existing alarms is now shown in the alarm edit mode of the event drawer.
Clarified alarm edit status on the event drawer.



Fixed a bug that affected searching for annual all-day duplicate events.
Fixed a grammar error in search options.


Added search option to search for empty recurrences, which are corrupt events on Snow Leopard.
In actions you can then either delete the event(s) or properly clear or modify these recurrences.
If you are experiencing this corruption, MobileMe syncs may fail and you would see frequent sync-related crashes in your system log.
If you are not, you should just skip this update.


Another big update that fixes bugs and adds several user feature requests.
Re-did Search tab interface again, now using all popups instead of radio selections, cleaner look.
Fixed silly bug in 1.6 which disabled range and time preset popups.
Added option to search for events with any attendees.
Added option to add mail alarms (works on Snow Leopard only, see tool tip).
Mail alarms can be added in the event drawer as well (again, Snow Leopard only).
Revised limitations info screen accordingly.
The duration of events created on the events drawer, including the 'copy' arrows, can be set in settings.
Added option to perform an auto-action after an auto-search at launch.
Last selected action now saved (and loaded) with search sets (so if you use search sets you may want to resave them).
Fixed a glitch involving the slider for shifting events by weeks and days.
Fewer alerts shown when the show warnings option is not selected (so you may want to re-enable that for a while).


Updated for Snow Leopard
Built as 32/64 bit universal
Now requires Leopard (10.5) or later. Version 1.5 still available for Tiger.*
Work around major bugs in Snow Leopard iCal 4.0 scripting.
Work around significant Snow Leopard changes in parsing strings into dates.
Related to above, Magic Hat & dropping text onto dates in event drawer works but not as well before (plan later improvements).
Added option to swtich views after actions to force iCal to refresh views.
Fixed existing move events bug where original event would not be properly removed after copy.
Added option to shift events in time by weeks.
Added option to allow shifting all-day events.
Added search for alarms (this function may have problems in Snow Leopard due to an iCal 4.0 bug)
Re-do Search tab interface.
Tidy-up interface alignments on Act tab.


* Version 1.5 has a known bug that it sometimes doesn't remove the original of moved events. Unfortunately due to problems compiling a Tiger version on Snow Leopard, this issue may or may not ever be fixed for Tiger. Regrets.


Now possible to search for blank event titles using emptry search criteria for "title begins with:"
Added action to replace event titles to with a fixed string.
Added action to append event notes to event titles (with adjustable truncation).
Fixed issue with properly formatting blank lines in event notes.
Fixed issues with search & replace in title and notes which could result in error with Tiger, or erroneously replacing a blank search string.
Existing calendar popup on Action tab refreshes from iCal each time that action is selected.


Added option to match modification dates rather than event start dates for range matching.



Fixed (major) bug where Act would act upon unselected events if they had been sorted (by clicking column headers) between Search and Act.
Fixed (stupid) bug where an error would occur if all calendars are checked in iCal and calendars are then reloaded in CaliBrate.
Added ability to create and edit alarms on event drawer.
Added ability to search only on unchecked calendars.
Added event counts to selected and unselected events on results tab.
Added ability to shift events in time by days as well as hours.
Added ability to set relative alarms by minutes and days as well as hours.
Added option to adjust alarm times for events starting at midnight so that alarms fire at 9 a.m.
Added option to always copy events instead of moving them.
Above option has the semi-intended side-effect of allowing resetting event time zones to current system defaults.
CaliBrate recognizes custom alarm sounds in standard locations (.aiff or .aif only in ~/Library/Sounds/ or /Library/Sounds/)
When adding alarms from the Act tab, only alarms of the same type are replaced. Other alarms are no longer removed.
Event drawer is now closed when dragging events between selected and unselected lists.
Fixed issue where a new calendar could be created with no name if a blank calendar name was entered.
Fixed issue where a blank calendar suffix could be entered.
Fixed issue were an invalid path for a file or script alarm could be entered if cancelled when selecting.
Fixed issue where entering an absolute (rather than relative) alarm time did not get saved.
Fixed rare issue where preferences could become corrupted by not allowing saving preferences if they are not fully read initially.
Other bug fixes and typo corrections.


CaliBrate was not properly detecting unchecked (disabled) calendars in iCal. Fixed.
Added refresh button to refresh checked calendars in iCal.
Added ability to save and load up to 9 custom search criteria sets.
Added option to load a designated save search criteria set at startup.
Added option to set date and time ranges relative to last used preset at startup.
Added option to perform auto-search after one minute at startup.
Added Settings tab and moved some buttons to it.
Added 2 month items to date range presets.
Added warnings not to quit iCal while using CaliBrate.
Clarified some options by changing titles and tool tips.
Handled possible text matching problems by making sure to strip leading and trailing spaces in search fields.
Updated built-in info screens for greater clarity and to describe new features.
Updated PayPal links for new WBC web site.



Fixed "Night" time range preset.
Minor edits to info documentation.



Added search option for time ranges.
Added time range presets.
Added more date range presets.
Dates in results lists now conform to International system preference settings.
Enlarged interface window.
Other interface adjustments.



Event results on read-only calendars now added if the option enabled. [fixed]
Events on read-only calendars will be copied if any of the "move" actions are chosen.
Events on read-only calendars can be duplicated and used as templates for new events in the events drawer.
Built on Leopard.



Fixed some issues with malformed recurrences on Leopard.
Error trapping improved during search.



"MATHABS" error fixed.