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CaliBrate is $8 shareware
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For Mac OS X only
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    Range and Keyword Search


    Among the variety of search criteria, searching by both date ranges and keywords is quite practical.
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    Search Range Presets


    Flexible search criteria include searching for events within preset ranges.
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    Time Range Presets


    Search for events in certain time ranges, with common presets.
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    Search Results


    Search results are listed as selected events, which can be dragged to an unselected events list, so that actions are performed only on the events that you choose.
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    Event Drawer


    Missing the iCal event drawer in Leopard? Here you go! Edit or view a single event in the drawer.
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    Like Leopard Mail's data detectors, you can drag & drop text onto the MagicHat to process names, locations, and times. It works from any application and in Tiger.
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    Perform Action


    Perform one of many actions on your search results. Informative descriptions of what is about to happen are given.
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    CaliBrate can save & load search criteria sets, and can load one of your choice at startup. It can auto-search or auto-act at startup.