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iDupe is a Life Saver (January 17, 2016, 06:58:26 PM) quote  
New to the forum, thought i'd sign up as i've been a big fan of WBC apps for a good few years now and love the simple but cool ways you help improve my Apple experience. I used to be an Android man when they first came on the market and it took me some time to get use to Apple products as it always seemed hassle to do even the most basic tasks. My friend had recommended I give Apple a chance and download some of the 3rd party apps which can help to make things smoother and less complicated. Never looked back since and that's mainly due to the efforts of the WBC team. I work as a DJ for birthday parties and use my iTunes database to play my sets. It's therefore important that I can keep my selection in shape without any duplicates. Just one of the simple apps that makes my life a lot less stressful on a daily bases so thanks for that. Just bought an iPhone 5s so in the process of getting it setup. Looking forward to an even better vessel with which to enjoy your great apps.

Thanks again,


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agitprop marketing for our sensuous times™
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RE: iDupe is a Life Saver (January 18, 2016, 03:22:00 AM) quote  
Thanks for the kind words!

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