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Unless specified otherwise, all WBC software is for Mac OS X.

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    CaliBrate Featured in TheMacBundles’ Special Gems Bundle

    Ann Arbor, MI June 4, 2012

    Ann Arbor, MI - Mac users can enjoy
    CaliBrate, one of Wooden Brain Concepts’ flagship products, at a great discount from today through June 17. Wooden Brain Concepts, a software company specializing in practical tools for Mac home users, has partnered with TheMacBundles in order to offer an exclusive discount in this month’s “Special Gems Bundle” as well as in its innovative Build Your Own Bundle stores, where people can put together their own discounted software packages. This Special Gems Bundle features applications that MacWorld has named MacWorld Gems.

    “CaliBrate is an immensely useful tool for anyone who uses iCal,” said Loren Ryter, President. “We know you’ll agree when you try it. That's why we're working with TheMacBundles - we want to get our software in more hands.”

    “CaliBrate is a multi-purpose utility for iCal. It allows you to perform many batch functions with events, such as removing duplicates, adding or removing alarms, modifying titles and notes, moving events between calendars, and much more. Search criteria are extremely flexible, and you can save frequently used searches for later. CaliBrate is also able to create new events from text dropped onto its ‘Magic Hat’.”

    Ryter emphasized that he is especially honored to see CaliBrate included in this Special Gems Bundle. “As a Mac user, I originally discovered many of the applications I personally use every day through MacWorld Gem reviews.”

    In his 2008 Gem review, MacWorld’s Dan Frakes wrote: “It’s easy to edit a single event in iCal, but what if you want to modify multiple events? Wooden Brain Concepts’ CaliBrate is the answer.”

    TheMacBundles was setup by Steve Becker as a “Farmers’ Market” for software, essentially a co-op where software developers can bundle their software titles for maximum exposure.
    Users are protected by TheMacBundles' no-fine-print policy, which means that purchasers of its bundles get the same software, support, licenses, and upgrade benefits that apply to users who pay the full price for the software. That’s why TheMacBundles motto is: “No Games, No Hype, No Middlemen...Just Great Software at a Great Price™.”

    This MacWorld Gems Bundle of 10 titles has a retail value of over $250 but sells for only $39.95.

    Wooden Brain Concepts
    MacWolrd Gem Review

    Wooden Brain Concepts has been making Mac software for well over 10 years. Besides CaliBrate, its popular products include OmniGrowl (which provides all kinds of practical notifications using Growl), iDupe (a smart duplicates remover for iTunes), and Cast Away (a utility to customize podcast management and auto-playback on a per-podcast basis). Wooden Brain Concepts believes in affordable software and the true principle of shareware.
    Loren Ryter


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