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    iTunes 11.1 Issues for Cast Away and OmniGrowl Users

    Likely incompatibilities with iTunes 11.1 and two of our products have come to our attention. Here are the known issues to date:

    After installing iTunes 11.1, you are presented with an new "welcome" screen in iTunes specifically for Podcasts. If you do not open that before Cast Away next runs, Cast Away may report inaccurate removals and other errors. (Podcasts are not erroneously removed; merely the reporting is inaccurate.)

    Cast Away is failing to remove undownloaded podcasts from the list when specified. It may be impossible to delete these "cloud" episodes from the list with iTunes 11.1, which might explain why.

    OmniGrowl does not recognize iTunes Radio for notifications. We're looking into whether a fix for that is possible on our end, or whether Apple would need to make changes to iTunes to allow such notifications.

    Other minor issues may exist with other products related to iTunes. We are looking into them and will issue compatibility upgrades as soon as possible.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.
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