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    iGotta MP3 Collection Updated

    iGotta MP3 Collection, our freeware FileMaker database for iTunes, has been updated to version 2.5. It boasts a lot of new features, including these:
    • Added Limit, First, Last, Bit Rate, Settings, and About buttons to track list view.
    • Limit button limits current found set.
    • First and Last buttons show only first or last tracks in album.
    • Bit Rate searches for bit rates lower than user-defined limit.
    • Added Disc # and Disc Count fields to Track List.
    • Added Grouping and Last Played dates to Track Details.
    • New Settings layout.
    • New Internet Search function with defined and custom search URLs.
    • Support for dnuos when installed.
    • General layout clean-up, including adding tool tips when appropriate.
    • Updated WBC logos and URLs to newer versions.
    • Updated match field and playlist export directions layouts.

    Revision 2.5.2 (01/28/2011):
    We made two additional tweaks that we felt did not merit a new blog or twitter posting. But if you use iGotta and found the tab order on version 2.5 to be a problem, it's been fixed. A new download will get you version 2.5.2.
    • Fixed the tab order on both the track list and track detail screens.
    • Cleaned up the primary & related file table and file names.


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