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WBC is glad this mobile portal is of use to you.

Not being completely satisfied with any of the portal sites out there, I created my own.

Its focus is on good organization, flexibility, and power. I have tried to find the best way to find the most common and needed information one might want on the go and to present it it a well-organized fashion.

Recognizing that mobile browsers have grown more sophisticated, the portal is not limited to only wap-style content but allows access to useful content on the web as well. However that content has been chosen to minimize unnecessary graphics and complicated layouts. Useful sites that are somewhat borderline in this respect, which have content not available in more optimized form elsewhere, are marked with a * meaning "not mobile optimized".

One further thing that distinguishes it from other portals is that simplified search fields have been built-in wherever possible, to bypass main entry pages and bring you straight to the content you are looking for.


Thank you for your willingness to support the maintenance and development of this portal site.

You can donate via Kagi using a credit card. Enter a quantity of dollars in the "donations for karma" field at the bottom of the page.

You can also send a payment via PayPal to loren_ryter <at> hotmail <dot> com. Unfortunately, currently PayPal will not work from most mobile browsers. So either donate from your home browser or donate on your mobile device with Kagi.

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