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If you use EndNote on a Macintosh and have a Palm, you've probably wished there was a way to either bring specific citations with you to the library on your Palm, or enter citations on your Palm to later upload to EndNote. With PocketCites, you can do exactly this. PocketCites is a set of export styles, scripts, and a database designed to facilitate transferring data from EndNote by ISI ResearchSoft (formerly Niles) to your Palm Pilot and back, via FileMaker and FileMaker Mobile. It can also be used as a basic bibliographic database with optional synching capability.

Information and Documentation:

PocketCites OS X documentation (version 2.0 and >)

PocketCites OS 9 documentation (version 1.5.1 or <)


Download PocketCites X version 2.0b1 as a .sit (Stuffit 7.0) file here.

Download PocketCites version 1.5 as a .sit (Stuffit 5.5) file here.

Download PocketCites 1.5.1 as a .sit (Stuffit 6.0) file here. Please see important release notes for this maintenance release.

Please report any download problems.

Update Notes:

October 18, 2002: PocketCites X (v2.0b1) has been released. This works somewhat differently from previous versions, so please read the new documentation and notes carefully. OS 9 users should continue to use version 1.51. The OS 9 version will not be further developed.

December 15, 2001:

Development of PocketCites stalled because a) I became increasingly busy with my own academic work, b) FM Sync pulled its product from the market, apparently due to lack-luster sales, c) I switched to OS X and the required support files were just not available.

August 24, 2001. Maintenance Version 1.5.1 released. Corrects a minor problem when using PocketCites under Mac OS 9.1. Download below, see important release notes for this version. Additions to this documentation include compatibility notes on the use of PocketCites with JFile 5, EndNote 5, and FileMaker Mobile Edition.

September 1, 2000: Version 1.5 released. Upgrading users please see upgrade notes.

May 16, 2000: Version 1.3b1 released. Now compatible with FileMaker 5 and EndNote 4. (See version history). Please report any problems to woodenbrain.

December 16, 1999: Version 1.2 released!

September 23, 1999: Shareware payment via Kagi is now available. Minor bug fixed.

September 19, 1999: Version 1.1 Released!

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